Wine-led dining
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What's on?

Drink wine as it is supposed to experienced - with good food and good company. VINtwined presents a series of six wine discovery evenings.

(Sessions are £25 pp or £125 pp for all 6 sessions, which includes the flight of wine and a light meal)

I believe that wine isn’t about slurping, spitting and analysing. It’s about enjoying what’s in your glass with good food, good company in a relaxed environment. Therefore, we are going back to basics to offer a series of wine sessions held in my home.

Each session will explore a different taste sensation through a series of wines, served with a side of information from me and (more importantly) some delicious food. 

I hope to welcome you to my home for a few fun nights of wine, food and discovering what you love to drink and why!

Location: 67B Lofting Road, Islington, N1 1JA

To book call 07875560776 or email hello@vintwined.com

Alternatively, you can buy tickets for our first session or full series here:


Wine Sensations Series:

1) Flavour - Saturday 24th February


Whether you prefer subtle and refined or rich and bold, we’ll find something that you love during this session as we explore variations in flavour intensity and how they are created. Served alongside some carefully chosen and home prepared nibbles.


2) Acidity - Saturday 24th March


In this session we’ll explore what makes our wine zip and zing and why this makes wine the perfect pairing for food. Acidity quenches our thirst and makes us salivate for another sip, it also cuts through fatty foods and increases our appetite, so I’ll make sure some nibbles are on hand straight away for this session. 

3) Sweetness - Saturday 21st April


A lot of us turn our nose up to sweet wines, mostly because of some garish things that were placed on super market shelves in the past. However, a little bit of sugar can go a long way to awaken a wine and when balanced with acidity a sweet wine can be a truly heavenly experience. We’ll explore wines from bone dry to lusciously sweet alongside some nibbles to find your perfect pairing.

4) Tannin - Saturday 19th May


We all have different tolerances for tannin just like we have different tolerances for spice in our food. Whether you like wine soft and juicy or full and chewy we’ll find a tannin level that works for you as we ramp up the tannin through our flight of wines. Also discover the transformative effect of the proteins you eat with the wine you drink; there’s a good reason why steak and red wine pair so well.

5) Alcohol - Saturday 23rd June


We all know that wine has alcohol in it, but we often don’t think about how the level of alcohol affects our enjoyment of the wine. In this session we will experience what it means to be low or high in alcohol and what foods we can serve to dampen or heighten the sensation of the alcohol. We will also discuss how higher alcohol wines are made, including fortification.

6) Body - Saturday 28th July


Body is often discussed but all to often misunderstood. This final session will demystify what it means to be light bodied or full-bodied through some great examples at each point in the spectrum. We will also discover what food supports these wines and shows them at their best.

More events and more dates coming soon!


Contact hello@vintwined or +44 (0)787 556 607 76 for more information