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December 2016 - Newsletter

VINtwined is born

Firstly, a massive thank you to all of you that have helped me along the journey so far, from friends, family and former co-workers and mentors to those people that kindly hosted me whilst I was traveling in search of great wines, and let’s not forget the producers of those fantastic wines themselves, and finally the London wine experts that have generously given me their time and tutelage. The last few months have been a blast and I can confirm that “VINtwined is open for business”. The inaugural VINtwined event takes place of the 10th of December featuring four stunning champagnes hand selected by me for the culinary inspiration they provided (as well as being exceptional wines in themselves).


What have I been up to?

Launching a business with one permanent member of staff (me) means that I’ve been doing pretty much everything there is to do. Fortunately, I have had the pleasure to work with a couple of great chefs Jamie and James that have helped immeasurably in designing the menu, organisation for the event and even marketing. Anyone coming to the Champanois events will meet James and I hope to tie Jamie down for some events next year.

However, this journey started with … well, travel; and over two months I had some amazing experiences meeting producers, tasting wine and even getting my hands dirty. Stories from my trip can be read on the “stories” section of my website (www.vintwined.com/stories). I hope you find them to be interesting as well as informative. Today you can read about how to make the most of a trip to Champagne, discover an unknown and fantastic vineyard in Burgundy and hear what I make of “the best rose in the world”. More VINtwined stories coming soon.

VINtwined has also had the first private event, I spent the evening with Chemists from UCB on Wednesday to go through a tutored tasting exploring the major natural and human factors effecting the quality and price of wines.


Champanois tickets still on sale

10th December - There are still some tickets available for the VINtwined launch event which you can book through the website www.vintwined.com

14th January – We have the second date in the diary, this would be perfect for that little new-year treat or why not buy this fantastic dining experience as a gift for someone this Christmas (EARLY BIRD TICKETS AVAILABLE AT £65 EACH)

Further dates and further events will be released in the new year, I’ll keep you posted


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