Wine-led dining
 English fizz at it's finest (The Henners Reserve 2010 will definitely be on our June menu)

English fizz at it's finest (The Henners Reserve 2010 will definitely be on our June menu)

 Our first Corks and Canapes event in the library of the Dead Dolls House

Our first Corks and Canapes event in the library of the Dead Dolls House

May 2017 - Newsletter

We're all-in for the Evening Standard's London Food Month

You may have realised that I'm massively into English wine at the moment which is why I just had to create the "This is English!" series of pop-ups at Stepney City Farm. The response from the guests has been amazing with many people commenting that they didn't know English wine could be so good! The feedback on the exquisite dishes prepared by James has also been extremely enthusiastic. This enthusiasm was paralleled by the Evening Standard's London Food Month team when I pitched it to them last month.

I'm so pleased to be able to announce that VINtwined has been selected to be part of ES London Food Month. 

We will be offering a full restaurant dinner service from Wednesday to Friday at the Clerkenwell Kitchen from 7pm. We will be featuring wines and dishes from the pop-ups as well as new pairing options. Guests can chose to order "A La Carte" or go for the daily set menu.

I can't tell you how excited I am about this, this could be our big break! But we need your support to make it work. So if you are thinking of team dinners, casual but tasty dinners with friends or edgy but awesome places to take your clients; think of us. Also, tell all your friends, family, colleagues, people you pass in the street and frankly any one that you think will listen. For every person you tell, your street cred will go up a notch as you are the master of London dining and have spotted talent way before the masses of Shoreditch hipsters (FYI - Shoreditch hipsters are most welcome but must be supervised at all times by a grounded adult).

Open: Wednesday - Friday from 1st June to 30th June

Location: The Clerkenwell Kitchen, Clerkenwell Close, EC1R 0AT

Bookings: Call 07875560776 or email hello@vintwined.com

Cork's and Canapes continues

I know you are still recovering from the awesome news of the June residency (I know I am) but don't forget we still have some winey things this month too. We will continue our bi-weekly corks and canapes evenings at the Dead Dolls House. At the first event, we covered some basic principles using a series of comparative tastings (look at the concentration on those faces). I do seek to impart some knowledge at these events but most of all these events are about having fun and trying some great wine. So if you're free tomorrow why not join me for a glass or two (actually its ten!) from our Loire flight - we still have space and would love to see you there.

Upcoming Corks and Canapes events:

3rd May: Wines of the Loire - There's far more to the Loire than Sancerre (though Sancerre is delicious obviously). In this session we will go from the maritime climate of the Nantais following the Loire River to the Central Vineyards of Sancerre and Quincy meeting the Loires main grape varieties as we go. A zippy and refreshing session perfect for the spring.

17th May: Languedoc-Rousillon - In the past, the Languedoc has been associated with cheap table wines and 20-30 years ago that was true. These days the average consumer has higher expectations and the best producers from this region have massively risen to the challenge. This is a vast region with a vast assortment of grapes, blends and styles on offer, Neil will be showing some of his favourites

31st May: English wines - It's English wine week so naturally we are going to show you the wonders that are grown on our own shores. If you don't get an opportunity to try VINtwined's "this is English" pop-up restaurant series you can get a bite-sized piece of the experience right here featuring some of the most popular wines from the series

If you can't wait until June, there are four tickets left for the final installment of "This is English!" @Stepney City Farm

Tickets for "Corks and Canapes" and "This is English!" can be purchased through the links at www.vintwined.com Bookings for the June residency can be made over the phone (07875560776) or by email (hello@vintwined.com) 


Happy drinking,

Neil Deacon